R.R.H. #1 Review
July 26, 2014

By Rik Offenberger

Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood from childhood. Orlando Harding, of Nightstaler fame, and #1First Comics have a brand new take on the Red Riding Hood story in their new comic R.R.H.

Sydney is the ninth generation grand daughter of the Original Red Riding Hood. On her 17th Birthday she discovers her lineage.

Her life had been fairly normal, her younger brother loves her and her mother and father give her a brand new car for her birthday, she has lots of friends and appears to be popular, its about as good as it gets at 17.

On her way home from celebrating her Birthday with her friends, a man in the alleyway rhymes Blood Moon Hoods Doom, then disappears. Sydney tries to tell her Mom when she gets home but Mom is too tired too listen. (If you are a cat lover you will hate this book.) The Big Bad Wolf in this story is a Werewolf, or as they are referred to in the story, a Bloodwolf. The Bloodwolf dines on the family cat before coughing it up on the lawn as a giant hairball. When Sydney discovers her poor dead pet on the lawn, her parents explain to Sydney her true lineage, thus setting up the premise for the mini-series.

The story is well written and Sydney is a believable seventeen year old. Her friends and family sound and act realistically in the establishing story. It is a fun twist to make the wolf a werewolf, the mixing of fairy tales and classic monsters is always fun. The story leaves off when Sydney is just beginning her adventure. It leaves you wanting more. As a reader I especially want seeing how Sydney deals with her first Werewolf.

The art by Andres Esparza and Ulises Curiel is top notch, Sudney and her family are well drawn and well proportioned, coming across as regular people, not superheroes in street clothes.

Highly Recommended.

I got my copy at the #1First Comics booth at SDCC (booth 2001), you can get one there or online at the website.